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Russian Workshop

В прошлый понедельник вечером на курсе русского языка https://www.facebook.com/rusopracticobarcelona coworking Start2bee-comunidad rusa в Silicongracia Barcelona мы учили русский алфавит и его произношение.
А также мы прошли личные и притягательное местоимения, какие как: Я, Ты, Вы.. Мой, Твой, Ваш, Наш...
Как обычно вела урок Елена https://www.facebook.com/divinobienestar  и ученики Пако, Руже timemarket.org  и Данте http://es.linkedin.com/in/dantesmith/en

Fun as usual!

Yesterday`s Free English Workshop @start2bee was fun as usual.

We were 7 person in all, Dante, Vicky, Salvador, Paula, Paco, Esther & Josep.
We learnt the meaning of "giving the cold shoulder" & "The Game Changer"
We also went over some past expressions like
"stab in the back"
"killing time"
"the wow factor"
We wish to remind all our registered students and friends that they can join the class from anywhere on google hangout at any time during the class if they can`t come personally 
We are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Next weeks expressions will be the following and more!
"to be down in the dumps"
"lead you up the creek"
"to sort you out"
all heard on my favourite London news station.

Ieri sera al Workshop d'Italiano eravamo in 5 persone: Vicky, Roger, Paula, Paco,
Dante e Roberto. Abbiamo dato la benvenuta a Roger, visto che era la sua
prima partecipazione.
Si sono svolte interessanti conversazioni con la partecipazione di tutti i
presenti: abbiamo parlato dello sci, dei viaggi, dell'alfabeto cirillico, ed
abbiamo ripassato l'alfabeto Italiano.
Come sempre peró, abbiamo concluso la lezione parlando di Caravaggio ;-)
Roberto Fornari architetto di www.fornarirojas.com


Free and Fun!

Here we have some photos of the yesterday´s workshops Free Multilingual (Italian) and Free English. 

You can see we are enjoying it all, in English and Italian of course.

Why don´t you come next week? It´s FREE and it´s FUN!!

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Yesterday´s Workshop

Yesterday we also had an italian Workshop from 7 to 7.30 pm with 5 people (a record)

At the end of the class we showed everyone our brand new 3d printer.

English Workshop with Vennmon

Yesterday we discussed the way forward for our multilingual workshops in collaboration with www.vennmon.com & on our own.

Help us to find local retired native speakers of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian & Japonese.

We offer a small fee, lots of fun and a great group of professional people & beers included!

Take a look

Welcomed new members

Yesterday in our English Workshop at Start2bee we welcomed new members.

Victor, Mari, Chen, Ana and Alvaro.

As usual we had a good time improving our English.

We also want to remind you that we do not close start2bee in August. The only workshop that is cancel is on wednesday the 13th of August.

Please fill in your "fichas" and check they are on line. If there is a problem, tell us.


New members in our English Workshop

Yesterday´s workshop was great fun!

We welcomed Sonia, Marcos and Eduard.

We also just before the class did some russian with Dante Joan, Paco and Vicky.

We wish to inform you that during August we will continue the workshops.

Yesterday´s English workshop

Yesterday we had a russian multilingual class from 6.30 to 7.30 pm. with our teacher Elena and Maurici, Paco, Joan and Dante.

We were 15 people in our English Workshop. We welcomed 2 new commers, Paco and Jorge. 

Yesterday we were all together, both, advanced and basic level. 

I was quite impressed with the progress of the basic class during the conversation.

We had a very interesting conversation with Dani who explained his couch surfing experiences and I was very pleased also that Dani, Alessandra, Miguel had done their homework and prepared a mini presentation script.

Yesterday a Multilanguge Success!

Yesterday at 6.30PM we had 2 Multiligual Sessions, Russian & Italian with native speakers Elena & Roberto.

Then our 2 regular English Workshops Advanced & Basic.

We welcomed Natalia one of our new Coworkers here in Start2bee.

As usual a great bunch of people learning & having fun!

Don`t forget we are also on twitter @start2beEnglish

See you all next week.

Yesterday we welcomed new members

Yesterday we welcomed new members in our english workshop, Jordi, Alejandra, Pol, Inma and Carmen.

Step by step we are growing!


Our Great English Summer Party!

Last night we had our Summer Party at start2bee coworking in Silicon Gràcia.

Both advanced & basic levels were together at the party,

We all had a great time & Mr.Smith & Vicky are so proud of the Community that we have all created.

Everybody has notably improved their fluency in English.

Our Community is growing & growing, we are now over 50 in the community now.

We had two newcomers Daniel & Ricardo who were most welcomed!

I hope they don´t think every workshop is going to be a party!