• English Workshop at Start2Bee

Free English Workshop 18 Nov.Oct. at Start2bee

Yesterday we enjoyed a very interesting topic. 

"Are humans meant to be monogamous"? We all made a secret vote then discussed it

This really invigorated our workshop! 

We welcomed 3 new commers and remind you please bring your friends if they are interested in making their english more fluent, it´s free!!

And we have a great time!

We like to meet new people.


English Workshop 4 Nov. at Start2bee

Yesterday we talked about our outing to the museo de la moto.

We agreed to do the next one on the 28th of november.

We welcomed Boris and Olga.


English Workshop 28 Oct. at Start2bee

Yesterday we welcomed Victoria Dot and Aya Tanaka.

Gabi told us about her volunteer work with the Red Cross, and Jordi explained us his work as an acoustic engineer.

Both were very interesting topics from wonderfoul people.

We also talked abut the outing on Saturday, after visit Museo de la Moto, we will meet at Petit Pot Bar

And also the Start2bee Open Day on the 7th of November.


Fantastic group again!!!


First Culture Beer & Tapas y Olé

Saturday 31st of October at 11.00 am in @Museo De La Moto De Barcelona.
We will meet at the Ajuntament Square al 10.45 am.
Why? It is our first Culture, beer & tapas y olé!
Firstly we will visit this fantastic museum with Sandra.
Then at 12 o´clock we will meet at the bar ...
Write your suggestions specially at which bar we will meet!!
Any other ideas are welcome!
We will speak in English all the time but everybody is welcome to bring friends even they don´t speak good English.


English Workshop 30 Sept. at Start2bee

This week we had a great 3D presentation by Álvaro about his trip to Mexico.

Followed by a presentation by Meritxell introducing us to the Japanese language.
Soon we will announce new workshops

A great evening a great bunch of people!

Italiano, English And Fun

Ayer tuvimos unos fántasticos y divertídimos Workshops de Italiano e Inglés y sobre todo mucha mucha diversión, si no echa una ojeada a las fotos y lo ves por ti mismo.

Esto no es serio, pero.....por que los idiomas tienen que serlo?? 

Y como siempre free!!

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English Workshop 20/5/2015

This week we had a lot of fun reading and talking about the 63 milion diamond robbery in London. during Easter.

This week the police arrested 9 people aged from 76 to 48 years old.

Vicky, Paco, Joan, Dante, Montse and Paula were there.

English Workshop 13/5/2015

Yesterday we had a very interesting and Practical English Workshop with Vicky, Paco, Roberto, Joan, Dante, Paula and Roger.

Roger Cazorla from Timemarket presented his project to the workshop in English of course, we then had a questions and answers and a discussion about this.

We are thinking of doing this again regularly as it is a great opportunity to get feed back from our differents members


English Workshop 06/05/2015

During last Wednesday´s Free English Workshop we had a pleasant surprise!
We welcomed Giselle an Italian from Bologna who hopefully will be a regular at our English Workshop but will also help Roberto with our Italian Workshop.
We also welcomed Sheila from www.shd-asesoria.com
And last but no least our regulars
Salvador, Paco, PaulaJoanVicky & Dante
We had a very interesting discussion about work, projects & education.