English Experience

Yesterday we had a new Living in English experience by Salvador.

I went to my English class and met 8 classmates who had the same
intention as me, to meet people who want
to improve their English speaking and meet other people.
Vicky Proyecto vision
Dante Ceo @start2bee es.linkedin.com/in/dantesmith


For more than hour, about an hour and half, we spoke about some
everyday expresions
that English people are using.
We spoke about:
Mind-blowing: you use it when something is so incredible, so surprising that
you can't express it. It's something more important and spectacular than

Frogmarch: it's an expresion to say that you have to use the force to take someone
out of a place against their will.

After that we spoke about some topic. The subject of the topic was free and
everyone could select and propose their own topic.

The topics were:

Cheaper tecnology. The new computers, tecnology could be cheaper if there
aren't special economics interests. Some people, investigators, programmers give their
products free to make this tecnology Open sourse.

And after the class........